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The American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE) is the largest and most influential federal and D.C. employees union in the United States. We’re growing stronger every day.

With CDC’s 2047 Bargaining Unit Employees, Local 2883 can effectively impact CDC’s workplace environment by negotiating working conditions at the bargaining table.  AFGE coordinates a full-scale legislative and political action program to monitor issues that impact the government workforce.

AFGE takes seriously its responsibility to help provide good government services while ensuring that government workers are treated fairly and with dignity.  

AFGE is in the middle of every battle involving the well-being of federal and D.C. employees and their families. We lobby the White House, work in agencies, litigate in court and lobby in the halls of Congress. AFGE is all about producing results that positively affect our members’ lives.

With that said…

We’d like to take this opportunity to encourage your membership.  Employees interested in joining the Union can sign up directly with AFGE.  This new method, called AFGE EDues, enables members to pay dues directly from their checking account or with a credit or debit card.  We think EDues will be a great thing for the union, because it takes CDC out of the business of handling union membership and keeps them from interfering with our dues withholding. Our Local is live on E-Dues.  You can see your listing here: We are encouraging everyone to use the checking account to avoid the debit and/or credit card fees.

Benefits for AFGE Members

Anyone can join the union regardless on your job series, grade level. Manager and supervisor are eligible to join. When you join the union, you have access to these AFGE benefits. These benefits are backed by the collective strength of over 10-million members of AFL-CIO unions. By using one or two of the programs, many members save as much as their annual dues.  Follow the link for more information.

Benefits for AFGE Members

Local 2883 represents approximately 2000 CDC employees in the Atlanta area and thus has by far the largest BU in CDC and the second-largest in HHS.  The local was chartered in the 1960s after eligible employees voted in an election to be represented by AFGE.  Other AFGE locals represent CDC employees in Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Morgantown, Research Triangle Park, and Seattle.  A chapter of the National Treasury Employees Union represents employees in Hyattsville. 

On behalf of our President, Dionne Mason, we appreciate you joining Local #2883 that’s committed to fighting for justice and equality for all. Our acting President and Executive Board will continue to do whatever we can for ALL the employees.  I strongly feel that keeping people informed of the issues and what we’re doing to help is the best way to show bargaining unit employees how their membership is so beneficial.

To join the union, click the button below and complete the e-dues form.

Dues are $15.00 per pay period.

If you have any questions, contact CAIG at: (855) 342-2244.